Image: Paloma Rose Garcia by Jake Terrey

Image: Paloma Rose Garcia by Jake Terrey

When it comes to the Beauticate Who profiles, we’re generally dealing with women who are as ensconced in their love of beauty products and services as we are. In short, they’re all women (and some men) after our own heart, and they have a brain we are desperate to pick. Of course, we often find amazing beauty hacks, cool new tools or products and tips and tricks they’ve picked up along the way that can change the way we use makeup or skincare. But, sometimes, we find that there is a common thread between the profiled women – a product that comes up time after time, year after year… One, in particular, has become somewhat of a perennial product – when we ask the question ‘What’s your go-to lippie?’ it is almost always….*drumroll* MAC Lady Danger

From Sophie Falkiner, Anna Heinrich and Genevieve Smart (of Ginger and Smart) to Paloma Rose Garcia and Parlour X’s Eva Galambos, they’ve all raved about the semi-matte orange/red lipstick that put MAC on the map. It’s not hard to imagine why the brand’s lip colours are so popular, but the Lady Danger specific shade is a curious one. It’s a beautiful shade, no doubt. But, not one that immediately appears to suit so many women – who would have thought a predominantly orange tinged colour would be such a hit? There (evidently) is something a bit magic about it, though. What are your thoughts? Have you tried Lady Danger? What’s your favourite shade?


Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith

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