This week marks an historic move,  not just in the fight for marriage equality, but in how Australian society moves forward. From today registered voters will begin receiving their papers in the post asking if they are for, or against, the legalisation of same sex marriage. We’re unafraid to say, Beauticate is 100% voting yes in this upcoming postal vote (or, survey that matters a lot for the SSM plight). It’s not about personal views on marriage, it’s about this: do you believe in the equal rights of fellow tax-paying citizens?

So, when Beauticate founder, Sigourney recently interviewed The Block judge Darren Palmer and his husband, Olivier Duvillard, she asked them about the issue that affects them directly. The two have been together for eight years, married (in South Africa) for six, and have a son, aged eight. Yet, currently, they have little right to security and to determine future decisions for their family. Exclusively to Beauticate, they opened up about what it means to them to have Australians vote yes. Below, watch the full video of the couple, in their own words.

Story by Rikki Hodge-Smith; Video shot by Amy Hibbard; Edited by Shiela Calaunan

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