Having been a beauty journalist for over twenty years one might assume I spend my days languidly getting facials. Ha ha! Nope. I do occasionally try something if it’s groundbreaking and will bring about a good story, but regular skin maintenance with the same skin therapist? That’s a hard no. I’m lucky enough to have a plethora of product at my fingertips and the time it takes to test that alone negates any justification to head out to a salon. Plus with two young kids and running my own business, I find it hard to prioritise a standing date with my clinician.

All that is about to change. When Ultraceuticals invited me to take part in their annual RVR90 program, my interest was piqued. I’ve often wondered just how much of difference it would make if I was to actually submit my skin to all the things I’ve been told I should have. Does having periodical treatments paired with cosmeceutical grade skincare prescribed by a skin genie promise true skin Nirvana?

It’s this concept that Ultraceuticals founder Dr Geoffrey Heber set out to prove when he launched the RVR90 program seven years ago.  RVR90 stands for Real Visible Results in 90 Days. Heber wanted to deliver a simplified routine for his customers, to give them a pathway through the dizzying array of products. He believes that a program like this proves that with the right products and professional guidance anyone can have great skin.

For 90 days or three months, clinics and salons from Australia participate, inviting their clients to embark on a series of treatments and to document the often life-changing results . It’s an amazing way to really quantifiably track your skin results in a really satisfying way. Over the next three months I’ll be having regular treatments at Muse and using Ultraceuticals products that are prescribed for my skin issues.

“The inspiration came when I was walking into a large department store and saw the vast number of products on display. I thought that if someone had a skin concern, how would they know which product they needed out of all these? Our products show visible results, why not show them!”

Eager for some visible results of my own, I front up to my first fortnightly appointment at Muse Clinic in Sydney’s Chatswood. After having some high resolution pictures taken of my skin (at every angle) I de-robe and relax in a treatment room. My lovely skin therapist Martine examines my skin, pointing out capillaries, some really pesky pigmentation that seems to have gotten a lot worse this summer and my annoying hormonal breakouts.

After a cleanse she paints on a vitamin A peel that, she says, is tolerated by a variety of skin types but has some great effects with minimal downtime. She infuses it with Ultra Sonophoresis machine, which uses ultrasound waves to create tiny bubbles in the skins lipid layer. This helps the topical product penetrate and absorb further into the skin.

I’m very happy to discover that not only does Martine know her stuff with ingredients, she does a mean facial and neck massage and even a little bit of Reiki on the side. I love it when results driven treatments are pared with some pampering. It’s a rarity in a clinic environment but means that I’m already looking forward to my next appointment.

My treatment over, and after a dose of sunscreen (naturally) Martine gives me my skin prescription for the next three months. After years of being a complete product floozy (hey, it’s my job!), I’m excited to really commit to one range – especially with the professional treatments to back up my home care. To keep up with my progress check out my @sigourneycantelo where I’ll be tracking my treatments and results as we go. 

If you’d like to chart your own skincare journey ask your nearest Ultraceuticals salon about the RVR90 program. And let me know, I’d love to see your results too!

Story by Sigourney Cantelo. 

In partnership with Ultraceuticals.

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