A facial by Valli Shubere is anything but conventional; it’s a 90-minute vigorous workout for your face and neck.Valli and her husband Vito – botanical virtuosos, have been providing skin and body care at their Melbourne clinic, Herbario, for some 30 years. And while the clean living and organic lifestyle is no trend du jour, our skin care routines are getting progressively more complicated.  When was the last time we detoxed our faces?
I heard about Valli’s signature detox treatment through Sydney’s own skin whisperer – Jocelyn Petroni. What better endorsement?
A visit to Herbario is unlike any other beauty room. In the absence of meditative music and candles, is a line up of herbal remedies, rich in natural, active ingredients. There is nothing artificial to be found here.
Valli, who is dressed in a crisp white coat and whose nature is quite disarming, greets me. I’m intrigued. Upstairs from her shop of herbal concoctions, Valli examines my face, in a very matter-of-fact manner. I’m assured that once she works through the 77 muscles located in my face and neck, I will be transformed.
There is pulling, stretching, thwacks and her famous adjustments to my jaw – where Valli claims the majority of my stress is housed. It hurts, but only a little. Valli claims that lymphatic, muscular and emotional blockages inflame the skin’s metabolism, distorting one’s natural features. It makes total holistic health sense.
ith my workout complete, a blend of herbs is softly brushed onto my face and neck, where I’m left to sleep. My treatment ends with Valli’s own blend of serums. The result – glowing, smoother skin with more define contours. It’s the ultimate facial workout.

Review by Kath Karras



222 Chapel Street
Prahran VIC 3181
(03) 9529 6320

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