As the sun dips below the Melbourne skyline, it illuminates the beauty of an opulent sanctuary perched on the 64th floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Melbourne. Soaring 80 storeys above the city, this brand-new hotel celebrates refined luxury with a distinctly Melbourne perspective, intertwining elegance with the beauty of urban sophistication. But the true gem is the Ritz-Carlton Spa. Exuding beauty in every detail, this spa sets a new standard for indulgence and is a strong contender for Melbourne's most luxurious spa, redefining the essence of beauty in relaxation and luxury.

I’m here, among a select group of editors, ready to dive into the beauty and elegance of the spa and hotel during a jam-packed yet meticulously planned 24 hours.

As they say, it’s a tough job, but it certainly offers a wonderful chance to bask in luxury.

Upon our arrival at sunset, we ascend to the lobby in the lifts. At the Ritz Carlton’s cloud-level reception, we enjoy a stunning view of Melbourne’s bay area through the wide floor-to-ceiling windows.

Moving smoothly, we skip the check-in lines and go directly to the Ritz Carlton Club.

Here, a warm welcome awaits us with a glass of local Chardonnay, celebrating the beauty of the region’s produce, along with our room keys.

Exploring the club, I marvel at its beauty, resembling more an elegant penthouse than a hotel.

Books and objets d’art decorate the space, each adding to its visual allure.

Additionally, I get the chance to check out the fridge and am delighted by the selection of cheeses, dips, and paté. Available to guests anytime, these treats showcase the beauty of gourmet indulgence.

As I move through the hotel towards my room, the beauty of its design captures my attention more and more.

The hotel skillfully intertwines a tapestry of culture and history, highlighting the beauty in stories from indigenous heritage to the Victorian-era gold rush and modern European influence and laneway discoveries.

When I enter my panoramic room, its generous proportions immediately impress me, epitomizing spacious luxury.

The room boasts a walk-in closet, a sliding door between the bath and bedroom, and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the cityscape below—a breathtaking view of urban beauty.

Then, dressed elegantly for the evening, I head down to the Atria Restaurant for dinner, eagerly anticipating the exquisite culinary experiences that await.

It’s a gastronomic journey that more than delivers on Executive Chef Michael Greenlaw’s manifesto of “the unusual, hard to find, and hyper-seasonal.”

Our menu tonight is light and in keeping with “spa cuisine”.

I encountered a Lion’s Mane mushroom that I could swear was a pepper steak (honestly, it was just as satisfying) and a mocktail that I could have sworn had alcohol in it.

There are also some beautiful local wines paired with each course that I later made my wine-obsessed husband extremely jealous of.

The next morning, I kick off the day in the gym with an invigorating meditation and sound healing session.

Watching the sunrise over the bay, surrounded by a symphony of instruments and vibrations, I understand that this is an experience one must feel to truly believe.

Afterward, still wrapped in tranquility, I decided to explore the stunning 20-meter heated infinity pool.

In this oasis, guests luxuriate, immersing themselves in Melbourne’s skyline, which adds an extra layer of relaxation to their stay.

Indeed, this idyllic setting does more than offer a visual feast; it literally takes the spa experience to new heights.

Upon entering the spa’s urban oasis, I immediately find myself greeted by a serene ambiance thoughtfully engineered to showcase the breathtaking views.

The space boasts six luxurious treatment rooms, including a dedicated couple’s suite, enhancing the sense of exclusivity.

Before my massage, I take some time to immerse myself in the sauna, steam room, and vitality pool, each offering a unique relaxation experience.

Then, I delight in scooping handfuls of shaved ice from a sleek, purpose-built mound and rubbing it all over my body for a refreshing contrast.

After a quick rinse, I eagerly proceed to the vitality pool.

Known for its cascading stream of water and curved metal lounge chairs, the pool allows me to enjoy the massage jets while admiring the exceptional outlook, all part of a well-curated spa journey.

My massage is not only lovely but also captivating, largely because of the oil from ESPA, a globally renowned luxury spa brand, that my therapist skillfully applies.

Enthralled by its invigorating scent, I choose to let it linger on my skin after the treatment, actively allowing the nourishing oils to work their magic.

Later, over lunch with Jason Cook, the founder of Salus, we eagerly absorbed the details he shared about the hotel’s collaboration with this luxurious local brand.

Importantly, Cook himself has developed an exclusive product for the spa: the Salus Essential Rose Otto Oil.

This product, a hydrating blend of nourishing rose oils, not only elevates the spa’s already lavish treatments but also immerses guests in a true connection to Australia’s natural wonders.

Although I’m not quite ready to return to Sydney (can I just move in?), a sense of peace envelops me, lingering and lasting for days.

Additionally, The Ritz-Carlton Spa emerges as the ultimate destination for those who seek an unrivaled spa experience where luxury seamlessly blends with authentic Australian charm.

Furthermore, it offers a perfect escape from the everyday hustle; it invites you to reconnect with your senses and embark on an unforgettable journey of rejuvenation.

Words by Sigourney Cantelo.

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