Brows have been big news for several seasons, and they're not going anywhere. Some are blessed with Cara-esque face framers - lucky. But, the rest of us either weren't granted such a genetic lottery, or are still recovering from those unmentionable years of over-plucking - it really can take years to fill out. So, if you need to pick up your brow game once and for all this season, we have you sorted. Perth-based Beauticater and self-confessed coveter of a thicker arch, Lucy Searle, put brow colour pencils, palettes and gels through their paces to bring you the best for volume, shape and fullness. Full brows ahead.


“A quick and easy addition to your morning routine? Check. Stays put all day? Check. Fabulous fullness? Check. Benefit is renowned for their amazing brow products and Gimme Brow did not disappoint. Normally, my eyebrows have great shape, just not the fullness and colour I’d like to see. Gimme Brow is applied with a mascara-like wand (only smaller) and, with a simple sweep over the brow line, a gorgeous colour and shape is achieved. I love that this stays put all day – meaning, I can go from work to drinks knowing my brows are still intact.”

“Benefit Brow Zings is the complete package to help achieve perfectly groomed brows. This neat little compact comes complete with brow wax and colour plus a handy little pair of tweezers to tame any strays when it comes to styling. For those willing to put a bit more time into their morning brow routine, this is great because you can set the shape and style of the brow with the wax, then fill in with colour as needed. Mistakes can be wiped off easily with your finger and the end result is very natural looking”


ModelCo More Brows

“This brush-on fibre gel from Model Co is a saviour for those with sparse patches on their brows that need filling in. Lightweight and water resistant, this little gem adheres to skin and hair to create a bold, yet natural looking,arch in just a few swipes. It’s also the perfect size to slide into your handbag for a touch up. Make sure you wipe excess gel off the brush before applying for a more even application. The tip of the brush also makes a great brow shaper.”


Bobbi Brown Brow Kit in Dark

“The perfect brow solution for those wanting to steer away from gel and wax, the Bobbi Brown Brow Kit is a compact featuring two brow shades in a shadow formula, brow brush and a mini set of tweezers. I loved having the tweezers on hand to tidy the brow area first before brushing the shadows through the hair. The darker shade is best placed to define the brow and the lighter shade works to add fullness and body. The brush works really well to neaten brows while gently applying colour at the same time. A word of warning though: avoid putting too much shadow on the brush unless you’re going for a very dark, Ali Macgraw, look.”


Tom Ford Brow Sculptor

“According to Tom Ford, the eyebrows are one of the most important elements of the face. I couldn’t agree more. So when I got my hands on the highly coveted Brow Sculptor, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to find what a perfect addition it was to my makeup routine. The unique angled pencil means colour sweeps on seamlessly and naturally to fill in brows and create that highly sought after definition. This little gem is the gift that keeps on giving with a built-in grooming brush to perfect the application, plus a sharpener. Nice work, Mr Ford.”

“If you’re lacking in the shape department, then this is the one for you. The brush-on gel was great for creating a really healthy looking arch. I was surprised at the colour, initially thinking it was going to be too light, but it blended perfectly into my eyebrows for a very natural look. Despite being waterproof, this brow colour has a great lightweight formula and sits nicely all day without feeling sticky. However, the gel does dry fast so be sure to apply quickly and wipe off any mistakes before it’s too late.”


Anastasia Brow Wiz

“If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, this superfine retractable brow gem from Anastasia is perfect. The soft pencil is great for filling in sparse areas because it actually mimics the appearance of fine hairs which, when blended in with the grooming brush, makes brows appear fuller and thicker. I’ve always been a fan of the more natural, polished look and found this created a super flawless finish with a great colour.”


Sigma Brow Expert Kit

“You’ll be thanking the beauty gods when you get your hands on the ultimate brow kit, with everything you’ve ever needed to pluck, trim and define those arches. The tools in the kit are great quality and perfectly sized and I particularly loved the double-ended brush; it allows for smooth and easy application of brow powder, helping it blend effortlessly. For those with darker hair, I recommend the darker powder duo and the medium duo for the fairer haired among you. The wax pencil, which has magical staying powers, doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin which I loved as I tend to have more oily skin. This is a must have tool kit for every girls makeup bag.”

“I’m all for value for money, anything that lasts is a good investment to me. And that’s exactly what the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil is: a very good investment. I found this genius combination of wax, powder and pencil to be the perfect tool to emphasise and improve on my arches, without making them look fake or overdone. The triangular shape of the pencil means you can sculpt with the wider edge, and fill in sparse areas with the finer tip. I also love that it doesn’t deposit too much colour in the first sweep, meaning you can build up the intensity of the colour. Be gentle with the pencil though, as it is quite fragile and will snap if you press too hard or wind too far up. This little wonder not only lasts a long time in your makeup bag, but also on your brows, no reapplying required for after work drinks.”


Kevyn Aucoin Pencil

“This is quickly becoming my go-to for the perfect brow touch up, and there are so many reasons why. The fine, pointed pencil end works to create a really flawless and natural looking brow, especially if you have patchy areas that need filling in. The feathered brush on the other end of the pencil blends it all in impressively, leaving you with some seriously flawless looking brows. For a more dramatic, bolder look, I use this pencil first as part of a two-step application, adding a gel-based colour over the top. For a more pared back, weekend look, this is perfect on its own.”

Review by Lucy Searle

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  1. September 28, 2016

    I’ve always had bold brows, love that it is becoming so popular in fashion today…

  2. September 28, 2016

    I have very light brows compared to my coloured dark brown hair. Just bought the Benefit shaping kit and glad it has some positive reviews here.