With summer on the horizon and a newfound freedom already in our midst for many of us, we thought it was about time to put together a list of our favourite fragrances. Whether you’ll be spending this one locked down or not, seasonal changes are a great time to try new things and realign your beauty routine. 

There’s nothing better than than basking in summer nostalgia so why not get adventurous and make some new memories with a fresh scent?

Sexy AF – Beauticate Fav

For the ultimate boost in confidence, Givenchy L’Interdit Rouge is a must-have. With warm, woody notes and sweet patchouli, this is the perfect pairing for a summer date night. As the latest instalment in Givenchy’s L’Interdit range, Rouge offers more sex appeal than its predecessors, though remaining true to the lines’ signature warm, flowery profile. 

If you’re a fan of amber fragrances, this is a great option for you. While still maintaining a sweet-like quality, spicy and earthy accents balance out any overly traditional feminine notes. Think strong, yet playful – a combination that will have you pining for more. 

Instant Classic

Would it really be a perfume line up without an appearance from Calvin Klein? CK fragrances on the whole are a great way to level up your beauty routine without breaking the bank. Eternity Fresh boasts roses & pear for a truly classic summer scent. Blackcurrants and jasmine also give a wonderfully fresh undertone, with a slight hint of musk to balance things out.

This fragrance is for those looking for something more demure, that won’t overpower the senses.  

Versace, Versace, Versace

Like L’Interdit Rouge, this beautiful elixir from Versace quietly screams elegance. After all, Donatella herself regards the fragrance as her own tribute to femininity. With granny smith apple, forgetmenot and rosehip, Dylan Blue pour femme is the dreamy European summer you’ve been vying for in a bottle. 

If you’re looking for classical luxury and something a little stronger on the nose, the hint of white woods takes this fresh floral scent to a whole other level.

Ciao, Belle! – Beauticate Fav

This is one of those special fragrances that will have people telling you how delightful you smell. With bergamot and freesia – it’s fresh and youthful. Tocca’s Belle also has a slight musk to it bringing in some beautiful powdery notes for a phenomenal sense of nostalgia every time you catch a whiff of yourself. 

This is relatively subtle for an eau de parfum but not so much so that you feel as though you’ve lost out – it’s wonderful if you like to play down your perfume application and like more subdued scents.

Sweet as

Think tropical, baby. With guava, red berries and Sicilian lemon, Wonderland Peony by Floral Street is perfect if you’re looking for something vivacious and punchy in your summer beauty routine. Peony and jasmine, along with cedar and vetiver offer a glorious combination of florals and warmth.

This is a sweet one. It’s fruity notes definitely shine through so bear that in mind if you are not overly fanatic about candy scents!

Article & Photography by Grace Parsons.

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