Olivia Bond is a walking advertisement for not following a streamlined career path and still finding your dream job. It’s not every speech pathology graduate who winds up in London working at Sotheby’s before eventually designing high end bespoke jewellery, after all. She is also married to Jeremy Bond (grandson of business tycoon Alan), with whom she shares two daughters, and is expecting a brand new addition shortly. Olivia invited us into their Woollahra home – with moodily traditional interiors by fellow WHO subject Tamsin Johnson, no less – and shared with us her passions for classic makeup, fluffy shoes and drinking all the tea, all day long.

“I try to keep my skin, eyebrows and hair really well maintained so that the day to day beauty routine can be as quick and easy as possible. I have two small children and as any parent knows, you are short on time in the mornings!

After I have a shower I use Osea Anti-Aging Body Balm (it feels amazing and smells so good!) and on my growing bump I apply the Sodashi Vitamin Rich Body Oil.  For my face, I started using Rationale about five years ago and love it.  I follow their Essential Six routine religiously, though with a couple of product substitutions while I’m pregnant.

If I haven’t slept well or I have an event on, I usually pop on some of the Mecca eye masks (which I keep in the fridge) while I’m making the girls’ breakfast, to banish puffiness.

After this I brush on a bit of Bareminerals powder to reduce shine, and then usually add a touch of cheek colour using my RMS palette or Glossier Cloudburst (Ed. note: not yet available in Australia). I comb my eyebrows and fill them in using By Terry Eyebrow Mascara and then I’m out on the school run.

I am maximalist about my skincare and grooming, and minimalist on makeup.  I never learned how to do makeup very well so I have to keep it very simple.

I am absolutely obsessed with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.  It just goes on so beautifully and gives the perfect amount of coverage, as your natural skin still comes through.  I also like using Armani’s Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer and Neo Nude A-Highlight when I have an occasion and need my makeup to have a bit more oomph.

I am the sort of person who loves routine and daily rituals, so I really enjoy taking the time to cleanse and put on my creams.

It’s a little bubble of self care that I can build into every day and I really appreciate that time!  I’m not huge on perfumes and prefer essential oils but if I want to feel a bit special I like using body lotions from Santa Maria Novella – I love their scents and they feel very luxurious.

I go to Rationale for an EpiNova facial roughly every six weeks to keep my skin at its best.

I get my brows done at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows regularly as my eyebrows can be a bit patchy so they need a good tint!  I see Courtney at Paloma for my hair cut and colour and I get blowdries at Joh Bailey when I have an event.

I absolutely love getting my nails done at Onda in Paddington.

I am trying to keep my nails naturally healthy and not use polish on them as I did gels for a long time which has left them weak.  Onda have a beautiful treatment to encourage exactly this.  Nicole at Onda has amazing knowledge about clean beauty, and I have learnt a lot from her.

I have highlights at the moment so I wash with Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash and Treatment to help to stop them from going brassy.

When I was 15, I had the best natural honey-coloured highlights, but a friend took to my hair with at-home permanent hair dye and managed to get it jet black.  My mum was beside herself – ah, the folly of youth!

I usually let my hair air dry and then use a curling wand to add waves.  It takes about ten minutes and makes me feel a lot more ‘together’ throughout my day. 

After I’ve styled it I spray with Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair, which gives a bit of an undone look as well as some staying power. When I’ve had one of my Joh Bailey blowdries I prolong it by using the Primally Pure dry shampoo.  It has a really clean ingredient list and smells so good.

My style really is always evolving, although there are some constants. Comfort is always a top priority, and I try to keep it fairly restrained and timeless. 

I prefer to buy less but buy very good quality pieces that I know I will wear for years.  I absolutely hate the idea of only wearing something once. My current obsessions are a cream set by Extreme Cashmere, a beautiful Old Céline shearling coat I bought second hand, and some shearling The Row slides that I live in.  You can see what I mean about prioritising comfort!

It might sound corny but I genuinely love making my clients happy. When a woman contacts me to tell me she loves the piece I have made her, that’s the best feeling.

Funnily enough, given where I’ve ended up, I actually studied Speech Pathology at university. Sometimes your life veers off onto an unpredicted course I suppose! I worked at Sotheby’s in London for a few years in my early twenties.  I loved all of the auctions (they can range from Impressionist paintings to Islamic art to Contemporary), but particularly gravitated towards the the Jewellery Department, so when I returned to Australia I decided to get my Diploma in Gemmology, Diamond Grading Certificate and Jewellery Valuation.  I started working in operations at Bulgari, and got to know the jewellery industry there, before going out on my own. I am a total gemstone nerd so getting to play with them all day is such a bonus!

I love getting older and wiser, and I am going to try to age as gracefully as possible… although if I’m being honest, I do find the idea of physically ageing very daunting!

Mum has showed me that investing in keeping your skin healthy is more important than covering it with a lot of makeup.  I think I really have followed in her footsteps when it comes to grooming.  She wears minimal makeup and doesn’t tend to spend a lot of time on herself day to day.  She has really great skin thanks to good genes and regular facials, and keeps her brows and hair maintained.  Also, my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law introduced me to all things clean beauty, and now I try to keep my products as clean as possible.

Right now, my favourite part of my body is my bump. I feel so grateful for my pregnancy and it makes me happy to see my body changing to accommodate my baby every day.

I have a few features I like less, but I’m working on embracing those and accepting them as part of me.  I really try to project a positive body image. I find it so important now with two little girls – society puts enough pressure on girls to be perfect as it is, so we try to watch what we say at home, because they are like sponges.

I feel my best when I am taking care of myself and my body on the inside. I really think it shows on the outside. 

During pregnancy I make time for a prenatal yoga class once a week to try to reduce stress.  I also do a lot of Pilates and really use these classes as a timeout for my brain.  When I wake up, if I have time I like to walk in my garden and look at the sunrise and take some deep breaths.  It probably makes me sound a bit mad but it really helps me start the day nicely and keeps me calm for the morning rush.

I love eating healthily, it makes me feel good and I think you can see it in someone’s skin when they are eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

I do pilates at both KX and Bodylove, and when I’m not pregnant I adore the Spin and Box classes at Shelter in Double Bay.  The feeling in there is so social and fun and I love Eve’s music.  You leave feeling amazing!

I usually make a smoothie for breakfast with a high quality collagen protein, cacao, banana and homemade oat milk.

I like to add bits and pieces depending on how I’m feeling that day or what I have at home.

I find it works best for me and my energy levels to have a protein-based salad or some other meal that isn’t carb-heavy for lunch, and save my heartier meal for dinner.  My husband and I both love cooking.  Often dinner is something slow cooked, or a pasta, or marinated fish with rice and vegetables.  We also try to eat dinner very early so we can share the meal with our girls, and also give our bodies a good break overnight from digesting.

When I have time I try to make a fresh vegetable juice in my Kuvings slow juicer – it really gives me an energy boost.

And I can’t survive without my morning cup of green tea and all my herbal teas during the day.  I like to take them in a KeepCup with me in the car on the school runs.  It’s the daily rituals that keep me sane!”

Story by Zoe Briggs, photography by Alice Mahran, makeup by Jason Branigan, hair by Jason Birch, florals by House of Ivory, bed linen by Matouk from The Monogram Mode, jewels by Olivia Bond, interior design by Tamsin Johnson.

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