There’s just something about a perfectly turned out doctor that inspires confidence. When that doctor’s very realm is aesthetics, and the face looming down at you with needle in hand is that of the downright glamorous Dr. Clara Hurst, confidence turns to excitement. Happily for her Antipodean patients, the London-trained doc has moved her family and in-demand rejuvenation skills to her very own clinic, Blanc, in Perth, though she is back and forth to the UK regularly to keep her British patients satisfied. She has also recently launched prescription-only skincare line The Secret (aptly named as everyone in the know is talking about it – you can read our take here), making great skin available to more than just the lucky few who get to see her in person. Here, Clara tells us about the exact in-clinic treatments she gets herself, daily business meetings on the beach, her weakness for designer handbags, and the beauty product she only ever buys at the chemist.

“As a working mother, simplicity is key when it comes to my skincare regime. I need to be up and out of the front door really early each day knowing my products are working hard to keep my skin fresh and free from environmental damage.

I cleanse morning and night with Medik8’s Lipid-Balance Cleanser. This super nourishing, oil-based cleanser removes every last trace of makeup while ensuring my skin is hydrated and silky smooth. If my skin is feeling particularly dry, I use Medik8 Liquid Peptides, then I apply The Secret Day Brightening Elixir as my day cream, followed by The Secret Eye Serum to combat any puffiness or dark circles.

My evening routine, again, is very simple, but it works! I cleanse with the Lipid-Balance Cleanser again and follow with my beloved Cellular Repair Elixir by The Secret. This product seriously takes care of everything: pores, pigmentation, any nasty little spots, and it brightens my skin beautifully. I also try and fit in a couple of at home mask nights during the week with the Fruit Enzyme Mask by Aspect. The combination of physical and chemical exfoliation sloughs off dead skin to reveal radiant, smooth skin. Plus it smells like a fruit smoothie! Then I put on Blistex Relief Cream before I go to bed, it’s a life saver.

I aim for a look that is minimal and elegant. I don’t normally opt for bold lip or eye colours – I love neutral palettes and nude lips. Bronzed and healthy is the look I like.

My daily makeup routine is pretty pared back, as I need to be able to get it done quickly either at home or in the clinic. Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation in 103.5 is the best foundation I’ve ever found! For the rest of my face, I love gorgeous browns and nudes on the eyes, fluffy brows and natural lashes .

My makeup bag is filled with Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass products, and I love a smokey eye for a night out.

To achieve it, I use the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk palette, then I line my waterline with NARS black kohl pencil or a dark brown Stila pencil and lots of mascara. I love a cheap Boots No7 mascara from the UK, which I buy in bulk when I go back as it gives the longest lashes and zero clumps.

A recent game-changing makeup move I’ve discovered is to put on Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter on first, under my base. Then I like the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Duo to contour and bronze, then add a natural lip using the Cosmedix Lumi Crystal Lip Hydrator. I set my makeup with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light using a really soft brush by Rae Morris. Sundazed by Byredo is my current favourite scent, for both day and night. I love how fresh and feminine it is, while also being quite sexy and seductive.

I leave my mane in the trusted hands of the girls at Reno’s Hair Care and Paris Rose Hair Artistry.

They cut, colour and blowdry my hair beautifully and I always feel so put together when I leave their salons. I have my hair blow dried once a week and find it just saves me so much time, plus I can never achieve that effortless, natural wave that the hairdressers can!

For a sublime day spa experience, you can’t go past COMO Shambhala at the stunningly restored State Buildings. Add in a little night at COMO The Treasury and it’s the perfect staycation. I also love to visit Palette Nails and Perth’s eyebrow queens, Katarina Callegari and Alison Jade.

One of the people I admire the most in our industry is Kristin Fisher, particularly recently when she really stood up for all of us in beauty during the COVID closures, which was the most difficult period we’ve collectively faced.

Her strength of character and willingness to use her voice, reach and platform for good was amazing to see and I really think she’s doing some wonderful work. As a mother she is also a huge inspiration. Her determination, drive, work ethic and commitment to her clients while also juggling a young family is something that really resonates with me. She is constantly raising the bar and that is really inspiring to me and many other women.

My personal style is very minimal and functional. I tend to wear mostly neutrals and I don’t mind investing in timeless pieces.

Some perfectly fitting leather pants, a classic blazer, and a crisp white shirt are my wardrobe essentials. You’ll also find a lot of cashmere, basic white tees and denim in my wardrobe! As I am on my feet a lot (either working or running around after my kids!) I have to make sure my wardrobe is easy to style and can be worn all day.

Throughout summer I live in simple silk slips or white linen maxi dresses, both of which are perfect for the Western Australian heat and our beachy lifestyle. On days when I’m running errands or working out, I live in P.E Nation activewear. Pip Edwards has such an amazing eye for functional activewear that breathes and moves with the body, and looks stunning, too.

I love supporting local Western Australian designers. I shop a lot at ACO in Cottesloe which stock some great labels that are perfect for work and easy to transition for a bit of night time glam.

Zimmermann is another favourite label of mine, as I find their pieces so comfortable and flattering. My wardrobe is groaning with their stunning, feminine prints and I love how most of their pieces are totally accessible for day or night. I can also never go past some of my fave designer labels for a bit of luxe accessorising, I have a soft spot for Chanel handbags and I live in my Gucci Marmont sandals. My latest splurge was a Loewe Flamenco leather clutch in tan. I’m originally from Spain so I grew up with this brand. It’s amazing to see it achieve so much international success in the last few years.

I’ve always had an interest in cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics and wanted a career which offered a mix of art and science, so it was only a matter of time before I started further training and study in the field of facial rejuvenation – and I’ve never looked back!

I originally trained at King’s College London Medical and Dental School, and graduated as a dentist in 2005. Studying dentistry was a tactical decision, as my aim was to learn as much as possible about the head and neck in order to become a cosmetic injector. I started by using practically all of my friends and family as guinea pigs, before eventually setting up my own independent small business called The Mulberry Clinic. I still own the business and have the same patients there that I had 15 years ago! I travel back to the UK every four months to treat them; they’re like family now.

Of course my clinic, Blanc, is my go-to place for all things skin. I have such an amazing team of experienced dermal therapists who look after my skin beautifully.

One of the best parts of my job is restoring confidence and happiness in people. There are so many amazing (and non-invasive!) things we can do these days via dermal therapy and cosmetic treatments that really have the power to bring out the best in everyone.

I am obsessed with Reformer Pilates. I try to practice a few times a week at my favourite studio, Body Base Pilates. During iso lockdown I had a Reformer set up in my house so I could keep the Pilates burn going when all the gyms and studios were closed.

I also love walking, and hit the pavement most days with my dog, Teddy, who’s the one who sets the pace! I’m really lucky to live in a beautiful area right next to Cottesloe Beach, and I find walking along the coast very meditative – it’s a great way to start the day or to clear my head in the afternoon. I often walk with my business partner Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, so we can have constructive business meetings while getting our daily workout in!

I used to have a really bad sweet tooth and eat lots of sugar, but now I steer clear of it. As a dentist (and being married to one!), I know all too well the effects it can have on your teeth, not to mention your skin.

My day usually starts with a lactose-free cappuccino and either a poached egg on toast, or muesli and yoghurt. Lunch is pork rice paper rolls from Wrap N Rice, a poke bowl from The Boatshed or, if I’m working through lunch, a protein smoothie from Nature’s Harvest. My snacks of choice are yoghurt, rice crackers, toasted almonds and walnuts. Dinner at home is either lamb, steak or salmon with salads. Both my husband and I work long hours so we often eat out at Japanese or Asian fusion restaurants, as neither of us can be bothered to cook!  Other than for those quick weeknight dinners, I don’t really go out that much. I’ve recently renovated my house so love hanging out at home and entertaining.

I take care of myself by ensuring I rest when I need to, and trying to keep stress levels down where I can. As a mum to two young kids and the owner of multiple businesses, I need to make sure I chill out as much as possible when I’m not working so I don’t get rundown or sick.

I’ve recently started setting some clear boundaries to ensure I’m no longer doing crazy long hours at the clinic and have a bit of me time scheduled in. Making sure I look after my health by prioritising a balanced diet, loads of water, fresh air, exercise and sleep is key for me. I take a natural herbal supplement which aids with clarity and concentration, and add in ArmaForce if I feel I’m getting sick. I don’t take any other supplements, as I try to make sure I get all my vitamins and minerals through a healthy diet and plenty of sunshine.

As much as I love glamming up and heading out, there’s something so empowering about a laidback approach to beauty.

I invest in hardworking products and treatments that mean I don’t need to be packing on the makeup every day and I honestly believe that happiness makes everyone look so beautiful. I know I feel most best when I’m well rested, relaxed and happy with my family.

I always carry my Kindle with me, and find reading the easiest way to switch off from whatever is going on in my life. I also love taking the kids to the beach on warm summer days to swim, soak up our beautiful weather and just play with them. It’s not hard to relax here in WA when every day feels like a summer holiday!

My mum’s biggest love in life was education, not beauty, though she did teach me a very valuable lesson about how we look and how we present ourselves – that there is nothing lovelier than a woman who is truly confident.

Ageing is inevitable, and when there are things you can do (such as injectables or skin treatments) to make you feel beautiful as you age, then of course I encourage everyone to do what makes them feel their best. Ageing gracefully isn’t just about how your physical features look, though – it’s a state of mind and an attitude.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by amazing, confident and fearless women who exude passion, strength and also softness. These women influence me to be happy in my skin. At the end of the day, the most beautiful kind of woman is one who is at peace within herself.”

Story by Zoe Briggs.

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  1. July 1, 2020

    Clara is truly a leader in her field, an amazing business woman and gorgeous both inside and out. She is an inspiration and deserves all the success she has worked so hard to achieve!

  2. August 11, 2020

    Oh what a beautiful I inspiring women with such class.
    While still being down to earth.
    I love Claras home ummm stunning and her beautiful taste in clothing .
    Thank you for such a beautiful read 🙏🏼✨